Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Homeschooling for the Newbie- Q and A

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As I said before, I did not support homeschooling when my son was born. My husband was even more against it. My transition from not approving of it to gung-ho ready to start home schooling my own kids was much, much quicker than my husbands. And even now, even though he is for it, he still has some issues, and some questions.

Here’s a quick Q and A based on some of the conversations my husband and I have had, and some questions that I personally had (that I googled the answers to like a madwoman).

Q: Don’t you need to be a real teacher?

A: Well, yes, and no. Here in the United States of California, there were attempts to put into place a law that would only allow for certified teachers to homeschool their children. Obviously, many parents opposed that, and the law did not pass. And as for the “real teacher” part, with or without public school, I teach my children anyway. I believe all parents are their children’s first teacher.

Q: Will they be able to get into college?

A: My very simple answer: I attended public school, did ok, and did not gradate from college. Going to public school does not assure one that their child will go to college. But, for those of you who need a more in depth answer…This is a great article. Here’s a small excerpt: “Homeschooled students seem to be more likely to participate in college-level education. As reported by the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, more than 74% of home educated adults between 18-24 have taken college level courses. This rate is much higher than the general US population, which comes in at 46% for the same age range.” Also, from my research, homeschooled students are more prepared for real life than those who attended public schools their whole life, thus making them a slightly better candidate (assuming their academics were equal to a public schooled applicant).

Q: Won’t you be too busy with other house stuff?

A: Yes. Yes I will. But priorities here J If I am homeschooling my kids, I will have to homeschool them. The dishes may sit in the sink longer, the dogs might possibly skip a meal, and I may kill another plant. But, the kids will learn.

Q: How do you know you’ll be teaching them enough?

A: I don’t think that is the right question. I should be focused on what they are actually learning, not how much I’m teaching them. I can be like teachers that I had, and keep on teaching, or I can really homeschool, and teach as they are ready to learn. And to appease any worried minds, I do plan on having a very rough school year outline to follow.

Q: Wouldn’t it just be easier to send them to school?

A: Yes! Yes it would! And I have thought about that. Believe me, the thought of not only teaching 3 at the same time, but with the ages of our kids, teaching the same subject, same grade, 3 years in a row (once for each kid) does not sound very appealing. However, it is very important to me to teach my kids values. I want them to have higher morals than the general population. I want them to think for themselves, not be told what to think, and when. I want them to experience life beyond a desk and whiteboard in their younger years, before they settle down with a career.

Did/do you have any preconceived notions on why homeschooling just won't work?

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