Friday, March 29, 2013

Behind my shower curtain - Cheap and Natural Beauty Routine

It's been a fairly slow journey, but I've managed to make my shower/beauty routine very simple and natural.

I wash my face with oil, then I moisturize with coconut oil. Sometimes, when I don't accidentally add too much Tea Tree Oil to my Olive Oil/Castor Oil mixture, I swish some in my mouth for a while before I brush my teeth in the morning. Washing my face with oil was the one thing I was very skeptical about, but it is my favorite part of my routine now. My skin has honestly never been healthier. Well, except maybe when I was a baby. And it's a little bit relaxing, massaging the oil onto my face. If you are looking for a new face wash, this is what I recommend. It seems to be the best facial cleansing option, for all skin types! FYI-I use Bella Pierre mineral make-up, and it washes off just fine with oil. I also do not always wash it off, and my skin doesn't get mad at me the next morning.

Then I sprinkle some of this on my hair (on the left), sometimes when my hair is wet, sometimes when it's dry. Then I rinse very thoroughly. And no, it's not cheese :) It's filled with baking soda.

After rinsing with water, I squirt this (on the right) across the front of my hair, on the roots. Then I squirt a little on the back of my head and the bottom of my hair. This bottle works great for my vinegar rinse...I just need to remember to search for a sharpie to write that it's vinegar, to make sure it never gets put on a set of contact lenses!

For body wash, I switch between a natural oatmeal bar soap that is placed in a soap cozi, and some Castile Soap . I am currently working on making a felted soap bar out of an old sweater. I'll let you know how that turns out!

If you are considering switching up your beauty/bath routine, let me just warn you, the baking soda and vinegar routine is the hardest to get through, because there is a period of adjustment for your hair. Don't start this if you plan to go to a salon soon, or they'll advise you to stop. It can take up to a month before the oils in your hair naturally adjust to your new cleansing routine.

All of the items above cost pennies per use, and except for the castor oil, I already keep every other item stocked up for other uses. I do not buy anything extra in order to green up my shower routine. I love that.

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