The Mommy Files

What no one told me about being a parent (a work in progress):

1. Onesies are a silly piece of clothing, especially for a newborn! If the baby gets a blowout, there's no other way to get that piece of clothing off than by pulling it over their head!

2. The brand "Crayola" is not synonymous with "washable". I guess not all Crayola markers are washable. Just the ones that say washable.

3. Painting your toenails in front of your 2 year old son, then putting the nail polish on the counter instead of in the cabinet, does not constitute a good idea.

4. Asking your 2 year old to watch your 9 month old sit on the couch while you pour your coffee is probably not a great idea. Especially when your child listens, and 9 month old rolls right off the couch!

5. When your youngest starts to walk, you will most likely start to cry. Or atleast get a little teary.

6. If you tell your 2 year old son not to walk on the floor because it is slippery, he WILL walk on the floor BECAUSE it is slippery.

7. Sometimes, it's not a bad thing when your ears get plugged up. It muffles the screaming coming from the kids when they are fighting over toys.

8. If 3 days was a long time with your mother-in-law before you had kids, 2 weeks is definitely a long time with your mother-in-law and kids!

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