Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to be a morning person (or how to fake it)

I am NOT a morning person. Not even close. I have never been a morning person, even when I could go to sleep as early as I wanted, and sleep until I felt like getting up. It bothers me when my phone rings before, say, 11, because the people on the other end are usually way too chipper.

When my husband and I worked together, he knew I needed food and coffee as soon as I woke up. And I couldn’t have a conversation until I was up for at least an hour.

Fast-forward a few years and a few kids later…I am still not a morning person, but 2 of my 3 kids are (and my niece). That makes for a crazy mom J

The kids wake up ready to run, literally. They need conversations. They need to play. They can’t tell that I’m still in zombie mode and am really trying to get them to just leave me alone for a second. Not to mention, I am an introvert at heart, and I need my space. But that’s a different story.

I signed up for this Hello Morning’s challenge, and the idea is to Pray. Plan. Move. I did kind of fell off the wagon again, because I wasn’t able to keep up with the “Bible in a Year” reading plan I wanted to do. When things don’t go as I planned, I give up.

This week, I decided to re-start my “plan”, after making some changes. And I have to say, it has helped my attitude so much! Not just the whole waking up early part, but my daily life.

Here’s what seems to be working for me:

  • Instead of fighting my kids on what time they want to get up, I embrace it. I have 3 kids, and they don’t always get “mommy time”. Unless, of course, they happen to wake up at 4 am when everyone else is asleep J I’ve decided to look at this as a gift. I can spend quality time with once kid, and it won’t interfere with the other two.

  • I changed my reading plan. In my zombie-like morning state, I can’t comprehend the really in-depth bible scriptures. I am doing the very basic “Read 1 Chapter of Proverbs a Day” plan. It’s amazing.

  • I pray quickly. Sometimes for 30 seconds, sometimes 10 minutes. Even just glancing at my prayer calendars quickly and saying a quick prayer over my husband and kids feels like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

  • Exercise is not my priority right now. I try to move around when I can, but in reality, setting time aside to exercise with 4 little ones around, and a husband who works a lot, is just not doable here.

  • Glance at the day’s tasks to see if anything needs to be moved around (more about where the tasks come from later).

That’s basically my morning. And I’m happy with that. Notice I have given up trying to be up and dressed before the kids. I’m glad my eyes are opened and I am semi-functioning before them. Baby steps.

What works for your Good Mornings?

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