Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hello Mornings, Goodbye Stress

I don’t like mornings, or challenges.

So, I got this brilliant idea to sign up for Hello Mornings.

And you know what? It is great. I love it. Not the mornings part, of course, but since I have to be up in the morning anyway, I might as well figure out how to make use of my time, right?

I have been reading the bible more consistently, reading my bible study book This Girl’s Still Got It, and praying over my husband and my children. You can click here and scroll down to "Downloadable Resources" for a prayer calendar.

It is a great feeling, knowing that you are praying for your loved ones consistently.

Even if I don’t get to the dishes, or even get dressed, before the kids get up, just those few things I am able to do seem to help me be ready for the day by the time my kids get up. Prayer is truly amazing.

I was introduced to Laine's Letters a few years ago, and have only recently been appreciating her words. She has taken the verse referenced in the picture to be her "Life Verse" in a way. The "food" she provides to her children before sunrise is spiritual food. Prayer. She prepares the day for her family, with help from the Lord. Amazing. You will also find, if you read her letters, that she utilizes modern appliances as her "maidservants" and gets all those going first thing in the morning. What a novel idea. Dishwasher, laundry, crockpot...

If you aren’t already, I encourage you to try to put in place a morning routine. Just make a list of a few things you’d like to do (examples: read the bible, pray, exercise, plan your day, meal prep). Try to limit your list, for those days where your kids are up with you (it happens here very often) or come up with an alternate plan.

I don’t aim very high for my morning goals J If I can read a few bible verses and pray using these calendars, I’m good. If I am able to do more, even better!

We have a playroom, so lately I’ve been taking my bible, by binder, and my Kindle into the playroom, along with my 6-month-old daughter and 3-year-old niece. They play, and I read and pray.

As I’m reading, I have also been writing out scripture cards to place around the house. I could really use some God-encouragement during the hectic days!

Do you have a morning plan? What are your tips for meeting your morning goals?

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