Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Simplify Your To-Do List

Our first step to a more simplified home is...getting our PRIORITIES in order!

I have made daily schedules, master to-do lists, goals, and even money spending decisions, based on my "wants", not on what should be my priorities.

I read this post when Crystal wrote it over 2 years ago, and there were no "eye-opening" experiences going on for me. To be perfectly honest, I thought it a little bit odd that she had 3 kids and didn't make crafting a priority. And why would anyone limit extra curricular activities for their kids?

Ahem. I now have 3 kids, and I get it.

I am in the season of dirty diapers, teething babies, messy kids, screams of laughter, terrible two's, three's and four's...It is not my time to create a masterpiece dress to sell (unless I honestly have the time for it), or to experiment with a new recipe while the kids destroy the house. It is not my time to go coupon crazy, and spend hours organizing clipped coupons. It's not my time to run the kids ragged trying to get them socialized, or make sure they experience everything life has to offer. There will be time for all of that later.

I attempted to make a homemaking binder by putting it in order of priorities. My problem? There is not a binder big enough to hold it all.  The thought never occurred to me that I would have to completely eliminate categories.

While on Pinterest a few days ago, I saw that someone had pinned the article I mentioned above. I re-read it (because I can't seem to squeeze enough into my day!) and the light bulb went on!

I don't have to be a master crafter, just because I have kids.
I also do not need to cook a gourmet meal every single night.

Going to every playdate, to get my kids socialized? Not required.
Clipping every coupon, only to find that I didn't have time to organize them, turned out to be a waste.

I've been going over my to-do lists in my head daily, trying to figure out how I am going to get it all done, when the real answer was "You can't get it all done!" So that's where I am now. Prioritizing and eliminating.
Here are my priorities:

My relationships: The Lord, my husband, my children.
Homemaking life: running the household, paying the bills. *I am adopting Crystal's idea of 45 minutes to "guest ready".
Myself: Staying healthy, eating right(ish), taking vitamins.
Other: Writing (blog, family journal, 1,000 Gifts log).
Natural living (homemade face cleaner, moisturizer, cleaning with vinegar)

Here's what I've eliminated:

Crafting (this includes kids crafts, my own sewing, scrapbooking, card making, homemade gifts)
Awana for Aidan
Shopping every after-holiday clearance
Shopping just to shop
The need to make everything from scratch.

Are there "priorities" that you are holding on to, that can be eliminated, or put on the back burner, for a different season?

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