Monday, January 7, 2013

My One Word and The Plan

Leading up to 2013, I had this nagging feeling. Everyone was about to unveil their huge New Years Resolutions for the New Year.

I had no resolutions. I have no resolutions. It's not my goal to lose weight, I can't commit to eating a 100% whole foods, organic diet, I do good at keeping cleaning chemicals out of my home, my babies don't sleep (so I can't try to sleep more)....and, most resolutions are broke by New Years Day.

I do have a word. And that word can lead me to make some positive, much needed changes.

My word is Simplify. As in, simplify my finances, simplify my schedule, simplify my home, simplify my life.

Okay, I actually have two words. Focus is my second. I am trying to simplify in order to be able to focus on what really matters.

I am excited at this new-to-me thought. After I decided that I just wanted to focus on simplifying, I read Crystal's post. Perfect!

So, if you haven't already, I encourage you to join me in choosing just one word (or two) to focus on this year.

Here's the plan for this month:
January is my no-spend month. You should try it too. Don't spend money. Eat from your pantry, mend your clothes, use up what you have. Run out of paper towels? Tear up old t-shirts. This one task will make so many things easier in the coming months. It's a great start to many New Year's Goals.

This month I will be focusing on simplifying my home. I've tried the Fly Lady thing, but can't keep up. I've tried Tsh's 10-day plan in Organized Simplicity, and by the time I get to day 3, I need to start back over at day 1 :o).  I am now going to create and work my own plan. A plan that involves 4 kids 4 and under chasing me around the house. A plan that includes the fact that sometimes, I am in a zombie state. A plan that includes staying home, because the thought of getting 4 kids into carseats, just to get them back out after a 10 minute trip to the grocery store, is just too much. A plan that includes finger painting, kids chores, and fun meals.

Most of all, a plan that works for me. And maybe for you too.

Keep an eye out (probably today) for the first task to simplifying your home. I'll be posting tasks daily (except for weekends). You don't have to do every task, but I'm trying to keep myself accountable.

Happy New Year!

ps If you do have a word, or words, for the New Year, I'd love to hear them!

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