Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Embrace Your Mission

I've been seeing many posts on various blogs about being a Mother. Not a mom, but  a Mother, as a title.

I have read so many encouraging words about choosing to be happy caring for children, and making a home.

What if you're okay with that, but you're looking for something more? This post keeps coming to mind for me. I do have my struggles being a mom and homemaker, because I am just not a natural homemaker. However, I love being home with my kids. The problem is, I don't love being home here.

I have been suggesting to my husband for a few years that we relocate. The cost of living is high, good employment low, and things are just tough.

After reading the post at (in)Courage, I was sure we were supposed to go. Somewhere. Anywhere. We do not own a home, neither me or my husband are tied down to a long term job (my husband is still working with a friend, after being laid off in late 2009), and I felt like we were being set up to go. Where, I'm not sure. Maybe a long term mission trip?

God said no. I can hear it loud and clear. It's currently in the form of a song by Everybody Duck. I last heard the song 12 years ago at camp with my church. It goes like this:

Use Me Here, Where I am
I'm not gonna pray anymore
that You'll change Your plans.
Despite my fear, I place my life in Your hands. 

The future can wait, tomorrow might be too late,
So Jesus use me here.

I haven't even thought about this song since I heard it at camp that year.

A few days ago, I watched the Inside 9/11 documentary, and it really moved me. It made me realize how much prayer our country needs. Not just our officials, our military or our President.

Our cities need prayer. Our states. The families that were affected by the tragedy, who, after 11 years, still will not see their lost loved ones. The children that lost one or both parents in that tragedy need prayer.

People in our everyday lives, who don't know Jesus, need us.

I know now that God did send my family on a mission trip. And it just so happens that travel wasn't involved, because we just happen to live in the chosen city, in the chosen state.

It's time to embrace my mission as a Mother and an at-home missionary, instead of fighting it and hoping to go globe-trotting with my family.

Where is your mission field?

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