Monday, June 13, 2011

How do your Sundays work?

In the dream world that takes place in my head, Sunday is a day of worship and fellowship at church, and a nice day of relaxing and spending time with family.

In reality, it is actually a hectic mess. It never fails. Every Sunday morning starts out crazy, and every Sunday night ends with me being completely exhausted. That is also the day the kids both decide they are not going to nap until 5 pm, which means they are going to wake up at 7 and be wide awake...for hours!

My husband serves at the church several times a month, which leaves me alone with the kids to get ready. I have tried a few different routines in the morning, and nothing seems to work for me. I've tried getting myself completely ready first (rarely happens because the kids always need something), I've tried getting the kids completely ready as soon as they wake up so that it's just me that needs to get ready. I've tried to do both at the same time. Something seems to always come up. Either my mostly potty trained son has an accident, we can't find his shoe, my daughter has a blow out, or I have been up literally all night and am slower than molasses.

When it's just me and the kids, we rarely make it to the 2nd service, which is at 9:30, and sometimes we don't even make it to the 11 o-clock service.

I have been asked to re-join the nursery ministry, which means I would have to be at church by 9:15 on those Sundays. I haven't given an answer yet, because I can't see how that is possible for me right now.

How are your Sundays? How do you get your family out the door for church, or any event?


  1. We have this trouble every Sunday morning too. My kids sound about the same exact age as yours' do. My husband also leaves early for church most sunday's and I try to leave with him when I can, and I am in the nursery so sometimes I have to be there early. I try to shower and have our outfits chosen the night before. Sometimes I eat breakfast in the car. We are early risers so we have some time before we have to leave. I try and get up before my kids do so that I can start getting ready (although when my son wakes up at 5:30 sometimes this does not happen!) I try and either get my kids ready first and then my self, or the other way around. My husband usually feeds my older one breakfast which helps me take care of my daughter. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get the hang of it??

  2. @kaitlin I am really going to try and get our clothes out the night before. I'm sure that would help. I love that your husband feeds the older one. I might have to have my husband start doing that also, to rid me of one more Sunday morning task! I too feel like I'm never going to get the hang of this! But, I also understand (and hope you do too) that this season will pass, and one day I *might* miss the hectic Sundays :0)

  3. My husband also serves at church (every week!) so I feel you. I lay out all clothes the night before, and I shower the night before. I get the kids up and while they're eating breakfast I throw my clothes and makeup on. I do my makeup in the powder room so I can keep an eye on them. They're 3 and 1 1/2. Then I dress whoevever finishes breakfast first, then dress the other one. And breakfast is usually just a nutir-grain bar which they can eat in the car on the way if we're really late. We've got it down now but it used to be a huge challenge. Pray against it because there's obviously opposition to getting out the door to church. Something ALWAYS happens.