Tuesday, June 14, 2011

That acronym REALLY exists?! -warning,this may offend some of you (and a search for a book)

I was browsing through the bookstore, and I saw this cutesy looking pink book in the "Parenting" section. I read the title, and hadn't heard of that acronym before. I read the back of the book, and it had things like "Just because you drive a mini-van doesn't mean you can't be a **** (I'll fill you in in a minute).

I thought, "You are so right, I can still be cool in a mini-van!" My husband and I were just talking about upgrading to one soon.

I still didn't understand what the title stood for, so I flipped the book open to the first chapter. I quickly learned that MILF meant.....ready? I wasn't. "Mother I'd Like to F***". Really, that is the goal of some moms?

I'm still in my 20's, decent looking, and try to look attractive...for my husband. I can't imagine having a goal to walk around hoping other men are thinking that of me.

My clothes do not cover me head to toe. I don't go around wearing long dresses and turtlenecks. I wear tank tops and v-necks. I wear skirts and shorts (well, no skirts now since I have little ones to play with all the time). I do wear tank tops under some of my shirts, to make sure I'm not going to be too revealing. I am not a fan of short shorts, and just bought a pair of really cute knee length cut-offs from Target (first time in years I've paid full price for a piece of clothing!). What I'm getting at is, I dress like a semi-fashionable mom, without dressing like I am hoping I will get gawkers.

I wonder what is going through that person's head who picks up that book. I pray that they know, or will soon know, that they are beautiful. If they feel unimportant, they shouldn't. They have the most important role ever: raising a little one. And not only that, they are the most important role model for that little one.

So, what I'm getting at is, do a lot of moms really feel the need to be attractive to other men, besides their husbands?

Oh, and I am still looking for a great parenting type book. Any recommendations?

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