Monday, April 4, 2011

Organic talk

As I said in a previous post, I am not all organic. I try, I do what I can, but I am by no means an “earth mama”. Prior to having kids, I really didn’t think twice about what food/produce I picked up. My husband and I ate fairly healthy, and that is all I really thought about.

Well, I watched Food, Inc over the weekend, and did lots and lots of research, and I think I need to take a look at my food budget (because Organic = $$$!). I have always used natural (Burt’s Bees) baby products on my kids, but now I feel like I’ve been poisoning them with their food!

I already have the “Dirty Dozen” list for grocery shopping; I just haven’t stuck to it. To make the “organic” change, I will start with that list. Anything on that list that I purchase will be organic. I will start purchasing organic oats and pasta, and other items of the like, that cannot be pre-washed before use.

I feel like I need a pantry/refrigerator makeover. Too bad groceries cost so much! Well, some don’t, so too bad real food costs so much is what I should say!

Here is a site I found this weekend that has pesticides found on some foods. There is also an iphone app of the same name (What's on my Food?). It’s a great shopping tool!

Have you been able to find any affordable organic foods?

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