Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1000 Gifts

I've been inspired by Lindsay at Passionate Homemaking to start writing down the gifts I'm thankful for. I am not a natural homemaker, and I'm still looking for what works for me while I am home with my children, so it really helps to see and appreciate even the simplest of things. I will keep adding to this list every day, and hopefully I will exceed 1,000 gifts!

1. A 2 year old who lovingly pours and serves me "foffee"
2. A smiling baby first thing in the morning
3. Minute rice, the quickest breakfast so far
4. Waking up early enough to kiss my husband goodbye
5. Spending quality time with each child while the other is asleep


  1. 1000 gifts is inspiring! What a great way to get perspective. A little one's smile certainly brightens the day.

  2. Yes, and they are such a great reminder to not take the little things for granted!