Monday, May 6, 2013

Once Upon a Time - Second Star to the Right, and a bit more

Go behind the scenes of Episode 221: "Second Star to the Right"

Well! Bae met Wendy. Could he be Peter Pan? I called it :)

What a great episode.

I had planned on posting recaps/fun ideas for each episode, but with the lack of sleep that's been going on here, that just was not happening.

So...what'd we miss?

This is probably out of order, but it's all past episodes, so I don't care.

Belle is now her alter-ego, Lacey. She just went from a quiet librarian type, to...well, the complete opposite.

I have to admit, I do like the new Belle just a little bit. Or I guess Lacey. Did it come from years of frustration, being locked up? I just like that there seems to be a real personality. Maybe she'll turn to the good side when whatever is attaching Storybrooke comes, and since she's Lacy, she'll still keep her spunk. Anyway, I did not like the evil that she is bringing back out of Rumple. Bae almost had his father back...and then he turned evil again. Sad.

The flashback of The Evil Queen posing as a peasant girl with Snow White was very sad. The look on her face when Snow told her she could be forgiven, and there was good in her, was pure joy. Then the two had to happen upon the village the Queen just had destroyed. I wonder what kind of relationship they would have had? I am also wondering why Regina (as the queen, and Regina) didn't see her actions as evil. So much like her mother!

Second Star to the Right was fantastic. And not, at the same time. I just don't think Regina would have held out that long, only to tell Greg that his father was dead. There was really nothing to gain by lying. I don't think he's dead, and I'm not sure where I think he is. So, who's body was that buried in the forest?

I loved the flashback of Bae meeting Wendy. Was it just me, or did she resemble young Cora? I am loving Neal/Bae's character. He is selfless. Basically giving up his life, to keep another family together. Then later, giving up his true love, to save Storybrooke. Yup, I love him! And Hook and Bae on the boat! He had to have known that was Rumple's son, right? Can't wait to see where that story goes.

Now everyone knows Greg and Tamara are working together. And now we know there are more people who are working with them. Are they going to be coming to Storybrooke? And how did they all find out about magic? Did Tamara come from a land with magic too? She knows an awful lot about magic, and different lands.

Oh Emma and Neal. Of course, they profess their love for each other, then one has to leave. I wonder which land he goes to? Neverland? It would make sense, since we've just been introduced to those flashbacks. Or will he go back to the Enchanted Forest? We have to go back there sometime.

And where's Robin Hood? And what ever happened to the child that Rumple spared the life of (or the pregnant mother, I guess)? All the characters seem to be intertwined, so I'm sure we'll find some more stories of the baby. Can't wait for next season!

And my favorite theory of all...

A few episodes ago, Rumple had a dream. We saw an image of his shop in Storybrooke. And if you looked closely, you would have seen the camera briefly pause on...a lamp! I am wondering if Rumple will have to summon a Genie in the near future? Maybe the Genie is going to save Storybrooke from the self-destruction in Regina's ring. The season finale is coming, not the series finale, so we know everyone is not going to die.

Just one more thought...who do you think Henry is, or do you think he's a fairytale character at all? I am still wondering how he plays a role in Rumple's undoing. Those aren't very specific words, so I am wondering if that simply meant the boy will change him forever. Undo the evil, and turn it to good. After all, he did help bring the rest of his family back together, and he definitely brings the "good" out of Regina.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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