Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Call to Pray

Today, 20 families must start planning funerals for their babies, instead of preparing for a memorable Christmas this year. They will miss the anticipation that Christmas Eve brings to their little ones. They will have to face the unopened presents under their tree on Christmas morning.

I can't imagine, and pray that I never experience, the pain that the parents involved in the shooting are feeling.

Please pray for everyone directly affected by the horrible tragedy that befell Newtown, Connecticut.

And after that, pray for your children at school. And their teachers, and their teacher's families'. Pray for your neighbor, whether you know them or not. Pray for their family. Pray for your city, your city officials. Pray for the doctors, the patients, pray for the therapists, and their patients...

I am finally beginning to understand the concept behind "Pray without ceasing". Prayer is powerful. What if each and everyone one of us prayed like that? How many people would have prayed over the students at the school, the teachers, and their family (and subsequently, praying over the shooter)? Could this tragedy have been avoided? Would prayer have helped the shooter resolve whatever issues he had? Who knows, but prayer certainly wouldn't have hurt.

I am going to be working on a printable prayer calendar. It will have certain areas of prayer on each day, and some days will be left open for specific national prayers from what we see in the news.

Do you regularly pray beyond your own home and Church family?

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