Monday, July 18, 2011

Simplify the Simplifying-force yourself to go through less laundry!

I have been "going green" for a few months now. I am also trying to cut back our spending to a very, very minimal amount, while making and keeping household tasks a bit easier.

I already went through my towel closet and got rid of no less than 20 towels (I still have 6 adult and 2 child towels, for a household of 2 adults and 2 toddlers)! I have gone though my closets several times to finally get rid of the clothes that I wear for half a day, then decide I really wouldn't want to wear that outfit in public. I sometimes shop in the kids section, because it's cheaper...and sometimes, after I get home, I realize what I bought looks like it came from the kid section. Weird. :0)

A few months ago, I ran a rope from one side of my side yard fence to the other, and threw a few pairs of jeans over it. When the clothes were dry, I pulled them off the line, smelled them (I also have this habit of smelling all my laundry. Just to make sure I didn't forget to put detergent in the washer.) and noticed that there was no smell. Lately, because of the heat, my clothes, even fresh out of the dryer, have a little bit of a musty smell. I fell in love with the thought of a clothesline.

I bought this one from Costco. If you go into the store, the one they currently carry (for 1/2 the price of the one online) has a tall bar where you can also put hangers.

I was happy to read Tsh's post here about line drying. I think it was sent by God, just to let me know he is totally on my side with this new line-drying thing.

My hope is that since I am actually hanging all of the clothes up after I wash them, I will think about the clothes I dump in my dirty clothes pile. Sometimes they are dirty, sometimes they are just in my way.

What manual tasks "force" you to simplify?

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  1. While I may not be signing up to use a clothesline anytime soon (particularly since we don't have a yard to hang one in), I am definitely hoping to go through our closets in the very near future and do some serious purging! After all, the less we own, the less we have to wash. :)