Friday, June 17, 2011

Simple potty training tips

My son will be 2 1/2 in a few weeks, and I am very proud to say, HE IS POTTY TRAINED! Sorry, didn't mean to yell. I really love only buying diapers for one little one at a time.

When I was pregnant with him, I remember reading a bunch of potty training tricks, thinking "As soon as he turns 1, I'm not buying any more diapers!" Ha.

Here's how I managed to get him fully potty trained (yes, even at night):

1.      I didn't rush him. When he got to the point of bringing me a clean diaper because he was wearing a dirty diaper, I knew it was time. He was almost 2.
2.      I did not buy pull ups. They are too much of a hassle, and to similar to diapers.
3.      I let him run around (at home) naked, and put the little toilet in the hallway, for ease of use. 
4.      I explained to him that if he used his potty seat, he would stay clean. He hated having accidents because he hates being wet. 
5.      Besides the one day I was so desperate to potty train him that I have him m & m's, I didn't give him treats for using the potty. He got claps and "Yay, you're a big boy!" cheers. He loves being a big boy. 

I got a little carried away with my tips, so I am going to continue this next week. In the meantime, do you have any tips to add for other readers, or are you in the middle of a potty training breakdown?

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