Thursday, April 21, 2011

Filling up the Easter Basket

I don't remember actually believing in the Easter Bunny or Santa when I was little. I remember taking pictures with at least Santa, but I can't remember really getting excited about what he was bringing me.

Now that I have kids, I am wondering what to do about the Easter Bunny and Santa. Currently, it's the Easter Bunny im worrying about, since Easter is right around the corner. I don't have a problem telling my son that there is an Easter bunny, or Santa, those are fun holiday traditions. I just have trouble hiding the items those two are supposed to bring. Great, just wait until he loses a tooth! I can picture it now; his tooth falls out, we stick it under the pillow,and the toothfairy comes and picks it up to leave money. Then, he finds the tooth on my dresser! Oops.

I made a cupcake out of felt for my daugter's Easter basket, and a felt play egg for my son's basket. When I posted pictures to my personal Facebook page, my sister kindly pointed out that...if they go into the Easter basket, why were my son's fingers in the picture? Why did he see the items the Easter bunny was supposed to put in the  basket?

I guess the Easter bunny is supposed to bring the baskets on Easter morning. Haha, not in my house! I also bought a few little toys for the basket, and when my son asked what they were, I told him the Easter bunny sent me a text message asking me to buy them. He was okay with that and put the toys back into the bag.

How do you approach the subject of the Easter bunny? The baskets?

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