Friday, March 25, 2011

What a Day!

Wow, what a day I've had! My husband asked me last night what I had planned for today (as if I actually stick to a plan!) and I told him the kids and I were going to go through their clothes. Downstairs was mostly clean, but upstairs in the kids' room there were piles of clothes on every surface! I am given hand-me-downs for the kids faster than I can go through the clothes they already have. I appreciate the clothes, but I am so overwhelmed by them sometimes!

So, my day started good. I got up at 6 when hubby did (late for work). I stayed up to drink coffee. Then, my mind went blank. Kaytlin didn't wake up until 7, Aidan around 8, so I really don't know how I lost those hours! I didn't watch t.v....oh, wait, I did get caught up on Private Practice (so sad Addison isn't pregnant!). I guess that's where I lost my time. I really need to start writing a to do list at night, so that when my mind goes blank, I can just look at a list!

Anyway, my almost potty trained son decided not to use the potty today. He is on his 5th outfit of the day. Peed in the rest. Just when I thought I was getting caught up on laundry, too! Oh, and he must have thought I felt left out with only having changed my clothes once this morning, because he went #2 and didn't tell me..then came and sat in my lap! So, I'm on outfit number 2. Kaytlin hasn't had a blow out yet, so amazingly enough, she is still on her first outfit. Thanks baby girl, I'm tired of doing so much laundry!

In addition to the outfit changes, I really didn't get much done with the kid clothes. I did manage to filter out most of Kaytlin's outgrown clothes, but while I was doing that, Aidan decided to "help" me. He dumped out a box of clothes I still needed to go through, took some clothes off the hanger, and placed the clothes nice and flat on the floor. And his bed. And the ottoman. And the rocking chair. There's pink everywhere in their room! So, I guess that's my midnight project tonight :0)

Aidan is finally taking a nap, which I'm sure I'll regret at about midnight, and Kaytlin is chewing on a spoon, so I think I'll just go on Facebook and live vicariously through my "working" friends!

Aidan is finally taking a nap, which I'm sure I'm going to regret at about midnight, and Kaytlin is hanging on my arm with a spoon. I think I will go on Facebook now and live vicariously through my work outside of the home friends!

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